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(book #6)

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Mending mischief and buried secrets. Can Alex unwind before trouble surfs in?

Alex Bailey’s soul is content as she mends the fabric of her recent troubles. The scenery of Madras is the distraction she needs. But just when she thinks her sleuthing days are over, new mysteries are afoot. Hawk oversees repairs to her island home and strange occurrences happen while Alex hunts for a mollusk thief. Read More…

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Patchwork perils and a scrap of betrayal. Can Alex rip the case wide open before her bobbin runs out? Read more…

Sewing Suspicion (Book 1)
Secrets and a patchwork of white lies...

Can Alex string together the truth before her life unravels?

Unpicking the strands of her beloved grandmother’s life, Alex patches together clues that prove her loved one’s death was no accident. 

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Sewing Suspicion
(Book 1)

Quilting Cozy Mysteries

Quilting Calamity
Available on Audio, eBook, Paperback, and Large Print

Quilting Calamity
(Book 2)

Pressing Matters
(Book 3)

Threading Trouble
(Book 4)

Stitching Concerns
(Book 5)

Mending Mischief
(Book 6)

What Readers are Saying

A very quick read! Full of suspense and so much drama! Scary but funny and kept me guessing throughout. Loved it.


Review on Book 5 Stitching Concerns

I’m looking forward to continuing this wonderful cozy mystery series. The author has done a solid job of sprinkling clues through the story without giving the ending away. And ending with several interesting twists. The mystery is solved, but the author also throws in some tantalizing tidbits as far as where the next book in the series might lead, and I can’t wait.


Review on Book 1 Sewing Suspicions

I loved this book. This book kept me on my toes trying to guess who did it. It sent me on a roller coaster from start to finish.

Elizabeth H

Review on Book 3 Pressing Matters

These books are exciting from beginning to end!

Alice H

Review on Book 4 Threading Trouble

Reading Threading Trouble was like visiting old friends. It was fun to get back to Alex’s, Kibbles’ and Charlotte’s world of mystery and intrigue.

EA Kerrigan

Review on Book 4 Threading Trouble

Well, well, well. The plot is definitely twisted, with links to the first book. But talk about a whole new setting!!


Review on Book 2 Quilting Calamity