Raining Quilts and Dogs: A quilting cozy mystery (Heatherton Series Book 1)

A crafty new series from award-winning author Kathryn Mykel stitches levity and suspense together with the charm of a fictitious small town on the coast of Maine, in this page-turning cozy mystery. 

Interior designer, Elizabeth Purdy has a notion to restore the Saint Christina’s Nunnery into a quilting retreat center but torrential downpours threaten to destroy the historic landmark before she even begins.

When Elizabeth finds Heatherton’s favorite neighbor and retired private investigator, Mr. Jenkins, murdered, face down in a puddle, she realizes that Mother Nature, isn’t the only villain on the loose. 

With the deed and keys to the nunnery in hand, Elizabeth is in a race against time to pin down the culprit before tensions rise like the flood waters in this quiet, oceanside town. The quilters just wanna quilt, the neighborhood pets are barking maine-iacs, and the town is completely cut off from their emergency services. 

Will the roof cave in on Elizabeth’s new endeavor, or will she catch the murderer before she’s basted.

Raining Quilts and Dogs is the gripping first book in this new Quilting Cozy Mystery series. Stitched with suspicion, calamity and threads of doubt, it will leave you needling for the next book. 

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