A Load of Trouble 
Washy Time Laundromat Cozy Mystery

Irony is the opposite of wrinkly. A Load of Trouble is a fan-generated, stand-alone cozy mystery!

A Load of Trouble and a basket of suspects. Can Matty and her family iron out the wrinkled truth before she becomes the next stain?

What do a dumpster diving thriftster, a cross-eyed cat, a hunting guide, a flaky paper goods tester, and an octogenarian with mad skills, have in common? The death of the laundromat owner and an 85th birthday party. Read More…

Mutterly Mistaken
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Purrfect Perpetrator
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Doggone Disaster
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Royally Dispatched
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Royally Whacked
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Royally Snuffed
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From the creative writers: P.C. James  & Kathryn Mykel
Vacationing can be troublesome. Will Pauline and Nona solve the mysteries before they become victims?

Sassy Senior Sleuths
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Sassy Senior Sleuths Return 
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Sassy Senior Sleuths on the Trail
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Short Stories by Kathryn Mykel in Anthologies

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